Welcome to the The other earth WikiEdit

This is a idea that started of for a game but ended up being a very fun story to write and now i think i need to stop wasting paper and put it online. the story starts in the year 2015 and is a amazing sci-fi idea.

Basic Plot.Edit

In the year 2015 we discover a planet orbiting our sun in the same orbital path as Earth, only on the complete other side, it was noticed when Humans sent a unmanned probe to mars. when we send annother probe we realised that there is a alian civalisation around 200 to 300 years ahead of us the probe is quickly detroyed. we discover that a few of their spaceships are very similar to UFO descriptions and scientists theorised that they knew about us and were studying us. we decided to build missiles mounted on satelites.

We later named this species "Porotheiun" .

Over the years we gather technology and start to fight back and eventually win against the porotheiun, to be attacked by the porotheiun enemy that we name "Nunny".

The whole idea of this story is to make it easily belivable by using true facts from our history and incorperating them into the story.

Latest activityEdit

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