The Terran Alliance gained controll over all of Earths ships when formed as part of the Multi-Nation Treaty in 2016, since then they have been in control of the Earth Fleet and its Production of Ships.

Ships by ClassEdit

Battle Cruisers.Edit


Swans Nest.


Scout Ship.

Drop Ship.




Drop Pod

Non Mega-Drive Capable.Edit



over time The Terran Alliance has been the major Ship constructer of Military Ships although over the Years non Military companys have constructed Ships such as mining ships and Personal Transport for companys these ships have been a Major income to the Terran alliance. Over time Company and small Military Ships have been stolen by Rebals to plunder colonies and attack enemies of the Terran Alliance for their own profit.

In The Year 2015 Production began on the first Inter-Plnetary Ship The Blackbird. It was finished in the year 2016

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