The Terran are Humans who follow the stella-goverment of the Terran allience across 2 gallaxys. They control hundreds of planets and control a massive fleet and are a worthy apponant to most races.


In the year 2016 AD the goverments of Earth made the Terran Alliance that was a multi-national goverment funded by all goverments and in control of equally placed representatives from all countrys. They instantly inherited the war against Poros and began a massive amount of ship building.

In the year 2025 AD, four more planets are colonised, 5 more MD1's are constructed and the first Interstellar teleportation station is constructed. this is a giant leap in Terran Technologies.

In 2026 a massive tactical assault of Poros was successful when 25 drop ships stole computers and Intel on the Porotheiun race. The first Interstellar Battle ship is constructed The Nest class vessel, this represents yet another giant step forward in the humans power in the galaxy.

2035 three ships from a new race later named The Nunny, the main enemy of Porotheiuns, attacked we only just managed to destroy them, one crash landed and we salvage technology from the ship.

2075 after a 60 year long war we level Poros placing a colony on the surface and celebrating the defeat of The porotheiun empire.

2105 civil war breaks out in the alliance for power between the Americans and the Russians.

2120 the civil war ends by other countries joining in on the American side to destroy more aggressive Russian army.

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