Humans are a sentiant species that originated on the planet Earth. Recently Humans have spread the hundereds of planets in two galxys due to a massive improvement in their technology due to salvaging from the Poros and Nunny space ships.


Around 20 million years ago, a massive planet was impacted by a massive comet containing bacterial life. The impact caused the planet to split into two. the comet bounced off and created the moon whilst the two planets moved away from each other in the same orbits at slightly different speeds. Over time life began to grow on both planets until on one of the planets that would later be called earth a sentient race emerged called Humans and on the planet to be named poros porotheiun emerged although The Porotheiuns would emerge before humans and thus became space capable before earth.

Around 2000 BC the Porotheiun scientists discovered space flight and soon after Earth, they began to study it and Humans evolution.

in 1947AD one porotheiun ship was shot down in Roswell although no bodies were recovered, the goverment covered it up.

In 2015 a small probe from Earth discovered Poros and later they sent another one to Poros that was instantly destroyed. A few weeks later we started building small orbiting satellite weapons loaded with nuclear warheads. The Porotheiun high council prepared three Saucer classed Ships to eliminate all humans. The ships however took 11 weeks to prepare as the only ships they could spare were old and damaged from the war with the, Man named, Nunny, and in this time 48 satellites were operational around Earth. the first day of attacks went badly with the destruction of 15% of earths city and population however on the second day we used the PDS to destroy the porotheiun fighters and saved the planet.

The goverments of Earth decided to form the Terran Allience which all humans formed and there were not any other factions untill rebals began to emerge in the early days of 2040.


Most of the Humans from earth joined and created the Terran alliance.

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